In 2018 I teamed up with a group of enthusiastic science teachers at the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to work on the STEM Maker Project (科學創客計劃) .

The project aims to help secondary school teachers incorporate maker education into their science and math classes. We provide Arduino and sensors, training sessions, teaching plans, along with technical support to the teachers, so that they can deliver the classes to their students.

One of the mini-projects is about creating a CO2 sensor using Arduino, so that the students can test the CO2 levels in their environments. The teachers integrate this into the topic of climate change, so that the students have a sense of what CO2 level is about. In another project, the students use Arduino to build a calculator for binary numbers as part of their math class, etc. The idea is to use Arduino to create math/scientific instruments so that the students can explore the math/science topics.

The project has come to an end in July 2019. Materials from the project can be found at the project website:

The project is supported by the Quality Education Fund (QEF), Hong Kong SAR (Project ID: 2017/0200).